Description of time series parameters is shown below.

  • Name: contains the symbolic name of the time series.

  • Data Source: specifies the data source which values generate the time series.

  • Store: specifies the store in which the time series should be written.

  • Address (ID): contains the time series ID in a store. For example, for InfluxDB it is record metadata.

  • Converter: specifies conversion applied to the data source value. The following conversions are available: division by specified number linear scaling.

  • Comment: contains any custom text.

  • Deadband Mode: contains deadband mode (None, Absolute, Percent).

  • Deadband: contains value for the deadband.

  • Sampling Mode: specifies the mode for presentation of continuous quantity (None, Discrete, Analog).

  • Sampling Delta Factor: specifies the factor (the real number) used for the values representation in the Analog mode.

  • Repeat Last Sample: specifies that the current sample must be cycled if data source doesn’t change.

  • Repeat Last Sample Factor: contains the factor (the real number) used for calculation of time interval in the cycling mode.

Most of the parameters described above are available as OPC UA items. More information about editing server object properties via OPC UA is described here.

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