Administrator GUI

Monokot Server Administrator is a GUI application for managing and configuring the Monokot Server. It is intended primarily for configuring objects and server settings. The application does not perform the function of an OPC UA client, but provides a feature to write and read tags data for diagnostics and debugging. In this mode, the application communicates with the server via HTTPS.

After starting the application, a window for connecting to the server will appear. In this window, you can create, edit, delete or select the connection to the server.

To connect to the server, select the desired connection and click on the Connect button. After successfully connecting to the server, the main application window will appear. The main application window is divided into three areas:

  • Server explorer (on the left side of the main window)

  • Main toolbar (at the top of the main window)

  • Manager tabs (in the center of the main window)

In the Server Explorer pane, various managers will be available to configure server objects and its settings.

The main toolbar contains the following buttons:

  • Settings. It allows you to specify server connection parameters (such as timeout, username, etc)

  • Undo and Redo. They allow you to cancel/repeat the action taken by the user. Please note that after synchronization with the server, the undo and redo actions are unavailable.

  • Sync. It allows you to synchronize application state with the server.

  • Upload Config. It allows you to upload the server configuration from file to the server.

  • Download Config. It allows you to download the server configuration to the specified file.

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