How to: Configure for InfluxDB 2.x

Since the driver is designed for InfluxDB 1.x, some additional steps need to be performed to work with InfluxDB 2.x.

On the InfluxDB 2.x side, you need to create authentication (Basic Auth) using the Influx CLI. To do this, run the following command and type the password for NEW_USER_NAME_V1:

influx v1 auth create --org-id YOUR_ORG_ID  --read-bucket YOUR_BUCKET_ID --write-bucket YOUR_BUCKET_ID --username NEW_USER_NAME_V1 --token YOUR_OPERATOR_TOKEN --host http://localhost:8086

For the InfluxDB connector, specify the following settings:

and then specify the credentials:

In order for the changes to take effect on the server, click the Sync button.

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