Listed below are the parameters of SNMP device.

  • Host: contains IP address or hostname of the device.

  • Port: contains port of the device. Default port used for SNMP is 161.

  • Community: contains community name for accessing the remote SNMP device.

  • Items per Request: contains maximum number of items (OID’s) that can be read per one request.

  • Version: contains the SNMP protocol version (V1 or V2).

  • Inter-request Delay: contains timeout interval (in milliseconds) before the next request is sent.

  • Retries: contains the number of attempts before the request is considered failed.

  • Request Timeout: contains the time interval (in milliseconds) during which a response should be received from the device. If a response is not received within the time interval, an error occurs. Thus, the final time interval before an error occurs is the result of Retries ✕ Request Timeout.

  • Writes per Cycle: contains the maximum number of items (OIDs) that can be written after reading one block of data.

Most of the parameters described above are available as OPC UA items. More information about editing server object properties via OPC UA is described here.

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