Modbus Connectivity

The communication drivers for Modbus TCP and RTU/ASCII protocols are implemented as Modbus TCP and Modbus Serial devices. They provide high-performance polling, support a variety of data encoding formats, and they can operate in a shared channel mode.

Key Features

  • Communication with Modbus TCP, RTU over TCP, RTU/ASCII as master or slave.

  • Data types: Boolean, Byte, Byte Array, Word, Word Array, Int, Int Array, DWord, DWord Array, DInt (32-bit signed integer), DInt Array, Float, Float Array, Double, Double Array, QWord, QWord Array, Long, Long Array, String.

  • Data areas: Internal Registers, Holding Registers, Input Coils, Output Coils.

  • Byte, word and dword order swapping.

  • Reverse bit ordering.

  • Polling optimization.

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