How to: Importing OPC UA items

Monokot Server Administrator provides a tool for importing OPC UA items into CSV file.

To open the utility, in Monokot Server Administrator select ToolsCSV GeneratorImport OPC UA Items.

Specify settings for connecting to the OPC UA server and click Connect.

In the Browser panel, select the folder you want to import and click Add Branch.

The selected items will appear in the Import Items panel and will be ready for saving to a CSV file. Click Save as CSV..., save the file to disk and close the utility.

Open the device manager, create an OPC UA Client device with the name opcua-cli and necessary connection parameters.

Open the tag manager, select the group to which you want to import, click Import CSV... and select the previously saved file.

In the window that appears, check Select from the manager and click the selection button.

In the device selection window, choose the previously created device named opcua-cli and click Import.

For the changes to take effect, they need to be synchronized with the server by pressing the Sync button or the F5 key. Now the structure of folders and variables of the external OPC UA server is recreated and ready for use.

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