How to: Run Ping

The guide demonstrates how to create an expression that runs the system ping command and convert the command output code to a Boolean value.

Note that calling the runAndWait function will immediately put the script module into demo mode if it is not licensed

Open Monokot Server Administrator and double-click Scripts on the Server Explorer pane. Click New Expression, set the name LinkState for the expression that appears and set the return data type to BOOLEAN. Insert the following code into the expression code editor:

var result = MosProcess.runAndWait('ping', ' -n 1', 5000);

if (result.exitCode == 0)
  return true;   

return false;

Press Ctrl + Enter to apply the change in the code editor.

Go to the Triggers tab, click Add Periodic and set a period of 10,000 ms for the trigger. In order for the changes to take effect on the server, click the Sync button. Thus, the expression will check the connection with host every 10 seconds and convert the exitCode returned by ping to Boolean value.

You can find the full set of MosProcess functions and their descriptions here.

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