Import & Export

The tag manager allows to import/export the structure of groups and tags from/to a CSV file. The CSV file is formatted as follows:

  • Each field is enclosed in double quotes. If the field contains double quotes, then additional double quotes are put around them. For example, the field "Mud" temperature, °C should look like this: """Mud"" temperature, °C"

  • Fields are separated by commas. For example: "Group1","Tag4","","gas-plc","400005[10]@INT"

  • Each new set of fields begins with a new line

  • The first line defines the names of the fields (parameters) and should contain all the parameters used

Description of fields used when exporting and importing tags:

  • Tag Group: contains the path to the group where the tag is located. Group names are separated by dots.

  • Tag: contains the tag name.

  • Device Group: contains the name of the group where the device associated with the tag is located.

  • Device: contains the path to the device or child device. Device names are separated by dots.

  • Address: contains string representation of the data address (in device-specific format).

  • Update Rate: contains the tag update rate.

  • Converter: contains string representation of the value converter (in converter-specific format).

  • Comment: contains any custom text.

  • Change Trigger: contains change notification mode.

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