Listed below are the parameters of Siemens Ethernet device.

  • Host: contains the IP address or hostname of the device.

  • Rack: contains the number of the destination CPU in rack.

  • Slot: contains the number of the destination slot.

  • Port: contains the device port number. The standard port number for S7 protocol is 102.

  • Connection Type: Is a type of protocol supported by the device.

  • Max. PDU Size: specifies the maximum number of bytes which will be read/written per one request to PLC (maximum block size).

  • Inter-Request Delay: contains the delay for sending a request (in milliseconds) after receiving the response.

  • Request Timeout: contains the time to wait for the request to be executed (in milliseconds) after which the request execution error occurs.

  • Connection Timeout: contains the connection timeout (in milliseconds) after which connection error occurs.

Most of the parameters described above are available as OPC UA items. More information about editing server object properties via OPC UA is described here.

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