Go Online

For diagnostics (read) and debugging (write) tags Monokot Server Administrator provides the Go Online mode. In the Go Online mode, the following additional tag information is available:

  • Actual: contains the converted value of the tag.

  • Raw: contains the raw value of the tag (before conversion). If no value converter is set for the tag, the Actual and Raw fields are the same.

  • Status: contains the current tag status, e.g. Good, BadNoCommunication, BadLicenseExpired.

  • Update Time: contains the time (UTC) of the last tag update.

  • Access: contain access mode to tag.

To read and write the tag values, the following requirements must be met:

  • The user (specified in the credentials for connection) must have the required access rights.

  • The tag must exist on the server and have the required access rights.

  • The tag must be associated with a device and have an address.

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