Startup Parameters

Server startup parameters are set in the server.ini file in the root folder of the server. For the new values of parameters to take effect, you must restart the server service/process/daemon. The following is a description of the available parameters:

  • ServerUid: specifies the global identifier of the server, which is generated after the first startup. Intended for internal use.

  • Port: specifies the number of the port, on which the server is running.

  • DetailLog: indicates that a detailed event log of the server must be generated ("True" or "False"). You can only read the detailed log in the logs folder.

  • SafeMode: specifies whether the server should be run in safe mode. Takes True or False as values. When the server is launched in safe mode, the OPC UA modules, scripts, devices and stores do not perform the execution time actions.

  • MinWorkerThreads: specifies the minimum number of worker threads in the thread pool. Affects server performance. Accepts values from -1 to 2147483646.

  • EnableRemoteConnection: enable remote server management ("Yes" or "No").

Remote server management is enabled by default

  • EnableCompression: enable compression of HTTP responses ("Yes" or "No").

  • ReissueServerCert: indicates that the server security certificate must be re-issued ("True" or "False"). After the server is restarted, parameter sets to "False".

  • ServerCulture: specifies the culture from which the server is running. The parameter affects how the server logs events and parse the time, date and floating-point numbers during conversion from string format.

  • BacklogPath: specifies the directory where store backlog files are saved. You can learn more about backlog here.

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